How FINALLY getting my ex back?

“He doesn’t want me anymore” This is what you say to yourself after your boyfriend decides to break up with you. It is only natural to let your emotions overwhelm you for the first few days, but after the tears and long nights of moping, you will have to pull yourself together if you want him to come back to you.

Discover in this article six phases which will not only serve to bring you closer to your goal which is to win back your ex, but which will also make you a better person who knows what she wants. It should be noted that these phases will require a lot of patience, discipline and practice, but if you are really determined that your ex comes back to you, you will be able to master them without problem.

By constantly repeating, he doesn’t want me anymore, you just move the knife through the wound. You absolutely must stop feeling guilty. Know that a couple works in pairs. You may have made mistakes, but your ex also has some responsibility for your relationship. Grieve and accept that your ex has made a choice. A choice that may be wrong for you, but it has, and there is nothing else you can do at the moment. With a rested head, you will be able to know if your ex is worth being won or not. If you still like it, go to phase number two.

After a breakup, we are often pushed to do insane things like calling our ex in the middle of the night to throw insults at him and then calling a few minutes later to apologize and tell him how much we love him. It’s not good. In the best of cases, your ex will feel pity for you, but when it comes to reliving a relationship with you, don’t count on it too much. Also, no matter what causes you to contact your ex again, avoid doing so for at least a month. That means, no calls or texts.

Also avoid social media posts showing how desperate you are. Although you are not speaking directly to your ex, publications like “my life is fucked up”, “”, and many others will be seen as cries for help that will unfortunately go unanswered. Basically, don’t get noticed. You need time to digest the breakup and ask yourself the question why he doesn’t want me anymore and . And he, for his part, without hearing from you, could begin to ask questions as well. Phase 1 will then begin to take effect.

Phase 3: be “happy”

You are probably wondering what you can do well during this long period of silence. The answer is simple: enjoy life! Think back to the last time you really had fun without your ex being there. You probably have friends who will be delighted to share nice moments with you. There are so many things you can do without being in a relationship.

Basically, enjoy the joys of celibacy. Locking yourself in your house and staying in bed all day watching rose-water movies that will remind you of your ex will not do you any good. Nowadays, with social media, everything that’s going on in your life is going to spread quickly so much that it is something positive instead of a depressing picture. Your ex will probably hear about this new woman who has the joy of life that you have become.

Basically, the best way to get your ex back is to make him think you’re happy and get back with him is the least of your worries. Before you know it, that smile you pretended to show will actually start to become real.

Phase 4: reappear with class

You have to be careful about how you do it. You don’t just want to show up at your ex’s door or at his workplace. No, you need to make your meeting seem like a coincidence. You know his habits by having lived part of your life with him.

You know where he likes to go out. You can go to these places of time, but remember that it should be an encounter that is purely coincidental. However, if you are not ready to meet your ex in person, this is understandable. Your emotions can be difficult to control and you cannot afford to ruin all of your efforts during this meeting. Take the time to establish a new way to connect with your ex.

You can for example send a simple message and see how it reacts. It will be more private and allow you to take control at your own comfort.

Phase 5: the date

No matter how exciting it is to see it again, you shouldn’t let anything show up. This meeting must be friendly. It is therefore to avoid talking about your feelings or anything letting him guess your real intentions. The goal and to make him see how you are fulfilled and that he can be interested in you again. Talk to him for a few minutes, then find an excuse to leave, all with a smile on your face and a sincere warmth in your attitude. As incredible as it seems, you will probably hear from him in the days following your meeting.

If he doesn’t get back to you, and it’s almost unlikely, you can always send him a short, simple message like, “It was nice the other night. I would like to do it again. ” His curiosity will prevent him from saying no. You have to let him guess what you have in mind. It will probably be based on the assumption that you want to win it back. So if you can keep a friendly tone throughout the meeting, make him wonder why you don’t want him to come back. And from there, his ego will convince him to take the first step towards reconciliation.

Phase 6: He doesn’t want me anymore? Make yourself desired!

Men love challenges. The harder it is, the more persistent they become. It is then to avoid rushing into his arms as soon as your ex begins to flirt with you. It’s to your credit, but it’s all to your credit, but don’t give yourself up to him easily. Continue to be indifferent without giving the impression of despising him until he cracks and asks you verbally that he wants to get back with you. And even then, give yourself time to think about what you are going to answer him. Ask for a day or more of reflection even if you know that you will end up saying yes. The wait will only amplify his desire to get back with you even if currently he no longer wants you.

Three techniques to seduce an ex who doesn’t want you anymore.

The first technique that I advise you is to try not to play the false friend.

You have to try to stand out from the rest of women, don’t be like everyone else. You have to be interested in what he likes to be able to talk to him about it, ask him questions, nothing pleases a man more than a woman who is interested in his passions. So do not rush, getting closer in this way brings a good self-image.
Tell him how you really feel, you will never do worse than better because to seduce him, nothing like being honest with the person you love.

The man is not stupid, if as you say my ex no longer wants me, it is not to be just a friend, he suspects that behind all this, there is a plan of action and that you want to get back to close to him. Do not be afraid to chat with him if the exchange is worthy of a huge and very long silence you can already tell yourself that the story will not go very far, so it is important to start the conversation and sometimes to restart it if it has gone out, so don’t panic.

Show that you have an interesting and fulfilling life.

Men in general will always prefer a woman who has a balanced life, who manages herself professionally, rather than to see a girl spending her life alone in front of a screen. Men love their freedom, it will be said that a woman who manages herself is equal to an independent woman, which is quite true.
The women who please men are the ones who give them desire, who give them the impression that they will reveal themselves or never really belong to them.

“He doesn’t want me anymore”: I share my experience with you

You have to stay yourself. If you do not trust yourself, you will continue to spoil your evenings and do not underestimate yourself, each woman has her charm no one is perfect, and everyone has their own faults. In love life it’s not just the feelings that are important, at the beginning you have to work and invest in yourself, I recommend that you take care of the image you send back. If your ex no longer wants and no longer trusts you, it is because self-confidence is gained by the efforts you make. There is no judgment more important than that which one carries on oneself, so then one learns on our confidence in ourselves and our self-esteem. You must dare to risk, you would then become fully involved in your life. ” ” How to do ?