How to get it back ?

Today I decided to tell you about my experience. A few years ago, I tried to get my ex back thinking that she still had feelings for me, until the day I had to admit this terrible truth ” My ex no longer loves me ” ” I am ” . She no longer had feelings overnight. So I asked myself the question ” why does my ex no longer love me?“Contrary to what everyone might believe, I did not give up but on the contrary I took a step back, I asked myself the right questions and I found a new approach to win back my ex partner.

I invite everyone who still has feelings for their ex, whether it is mutual or not, to read this article.

Believe me, I know it is very difficult to recover from a breakup but keep hoping, nothing is lost, if you have the will of or my man then read my few tips, test them and surprise you !

This article aims to advise you on the solution (s) to relive the great love with your ex.

My ex no longer has any feelings, is it definitely over between us?

I take advice from a more experienced person

My ex no longer loves me at all “… first step, I turn to a person more experienced than me and especially a person who is not involved in my story and who will therefore have a neutral look. It is very important to choose the right “Coach” because he can enlighten you, advise you, contradict you sometimes but always objectively, kindly and detached. How to find the right person? To do this, you can ask a friend, a relative, an acquaintance or you can get in touch with a coach who specializes in breaking up.

Your coach will first ask you to list the signs that led you to say that your ex was no longer in love or if not, he will ask you to think about this question ” How do I know my ex has no feelings?“. Then, and still with the help of your coach, you will find the flaw that caused the departure of your ex, it is the starting point of your reconquest. Indeed, if you have come to understand that your ex no longer loves you, then you now need to be guided in the actions to be taken. I invite you to read this article from Le Figaro in addition to my advice to learn a little more about couple psychology.

I detect the sign that my ex is no longer in love

Your coach or friend will help you find the right time to take action. It is very important not to act on impulse but to take a maximum of retreat before any action of reconquest. Keep in mind that a single misstep could further distance your ex. Your coach will also help you make changes in your everyday life, and these changes will likely revive your ex’s love. For example, he will ask you to take care of your appearance and correct your bad habits. Or it will allow you to channel your energy in order to focus only on your final goal which is to give birth again to the feelings of your ex towards yourself.

How to accept that my ex has no more feelings

Your breakup caused tears and despair because yes you still have feelings for your ex. One of the ways to get your ex back is to overcome it all and make you want while accepting that he has no feelings for you at the moment. It’s not easy, I admit it, but trust me if you stop feeling sorry for yourself and go up the slope step by step, it will only be beneficial for you. In addition, your despair generates pity or even misunderstanding in your ex, this is why it is absolutely necessary to avoid falling into this situation.

Pity can force him to stay by your side, but without feeling any love for you, is that really the goal? To awaken his love for you, you need to change ! This involves physical change and behavioral change. I am not asking you, of course, to change completely but only to improve yourself, take more care of yourself. Be elegant, and show that you are a great new person who can be independent and able to take care of their partner. Once your few faults are erased, you will gradually regain his heart. For my part, when my ex no longer loved me, I was not well, depressed, without envy and it is first by accepting this sad truth ” My ex no longer loves me “That I decided to change and that I finally found my ex.

My ex no longer loves me: accept your mistakes

Taking responsibility for my mistakes is not easy, it is not easy for anyone, and yet it was one of the keys to accepting the truth ” My ex no longer has a feeling for me ” or ” My ex no longer has the same feelings as before “. But how to do it ? First, list your couple’s problems and try to understand your responsibility for each problem. Once this work is done, tell your ex about your mistakes and faults. He may be surprised at your approach, but what is certain is that he will be happy to see your maturity and this will make you feel better even if your ex no longer loves you. Do not hesitate to take advantage of this moment to make a full point of your relationship : what you liked, what you would have liked, what was bothering you … tell him everything but don’t forget to stay positive ! This review will once again demonstrate to your ex that you have taken a step back and that you are ready to correct your mistakes to start again and plan a good future with him. Concerning myself, when I did this stocktaking exercise, I realized that my jealousy was at the origin of 80% of our problems and this is what made my ex run away ” she no longer had any feelings for me because of my jealousy and that caused our breakup“.

My ex no longer loves me: I do everything to win her back or win her back

When you separated, each one took its course but your history remains engraved. By that I mean that it is possible to be reconciled and to get closer to one another despite all the obstacles of the past and even if my ex doesn’t love me as much as before. Take advantage of your separation period to grow in maturity and gain experiences. This will allow lovers, once reconciled, to go to a new starting point, a new vision and a bright future in common. To improve or rebuild your past relationship, highlight your respective strengths. If you take the best of everyone in your everyday life by going to your little habits, you can only go hand in hand, with a common look at the future. Use this simple action to write vour recovery process.

I adopt a winner posture to recover my ex

We just saw that you have to overcome the breakup, take responsibility for your mistakes, take stock of your relationship. Now let’s tackle the reconquest process. For that, nothing could be simpler, the number one rule is to adopt a winning posture. Boost your self-confidence! Smile and Positive, these must be your watchwords now to succeed in bringing back your ex who no longer loves you. Thanks to your smile and your well-being, you will find confidence in yourself naturally and your ex will notice it very quickly. His renewed interest in you will quickly get back in touch even if at the start you said to yourself: My ex no longer wants to see me!

I rekindle the flame using the weaknesses of my ex

You have the chance to know the character of your ex in every detail so take advantage! Stay in control. List its strong points, its weak points, its cute peaches, its desires, its tastes. Once this list is written, you have the key points to use. Do not hesitate to use its “weaknesses” in order to win it back or as quickly as possible. Rekindle the flame and make it succumb to desire using your list.

Reconstruct the puzzle of your couple by working intelligently thanks to the countless memories. This method of approach is one of the most relevant because you will approach your ex very gently and delicately. If you implement all the actions around his desires, his dreams, his tastes, his wildest desires, how could your ex resist you?

Correct your faults to show him that your love is indeed real. Resuming contact is essential to win back your ex. But be careful not to rush things, never harass your ex, it can only go in the opposite direction of your desires.

For my part, I was able to win back an ex who didn’t love me anymore by realizing several of her desires. I took him on a trip to a country that I was not attracted to, I cooked his favorite dishes while I hate this activity and finally I created for him a magnificent photo album memories of our most beautiful evenings. In conclusion you must know how to make an effort for the other so that he or she finds the desire to get back with you.

Aim my ex love me again

Does your ex no longer appreciate you even with your Winner posture? Do not lose hope, you have confidence in yourself so continue to charm your ex. Enter a game of seduction and make it last. It will also allow you to confirm that this is what you most want in the world ” win back your ex “.

If, despite your seductive game, your ex does not return, do not hesitate to provoke jealousy, in particular by posting photos of you with your friends or simply by liking photos of other girls. Trust me your ex sees it all and it will bother him. Through jealousy, you will increase your chances of reviving feelings in your ex.

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How do I get over with my ex who doesn’t love me anymore?

Why did my ex leave?

This is the first question to ask and the answer to this question will be the basis of your recovery strategy. Have you been unfaithful? Did your ex leave with one or another? Has your ex simply got tired of your relationship? Did your ex not have as many feelings anymore? Did your ex blame you for your lack of attention? Whatever the reason, the result is the same, you miss your ex. It is therefore essential for you to investigate in order to find the reason for your breakup. Once this is known, you will be able to correct the mistakes of the past and start your work of reconquest.

I believe in my love reconquest

Your ex must have experienced intense things with you. Whether you have lived 1 month, 1 year or more together, your ex has necessarily kept in mind magical memories and magnificent moments between you. Even if you haven’t seen each other for weeks, every time you see your ex again, you will feel something strong. That’s why there’s still hope. Remember that an ex will always keep a minimum of feelings for you.

I contact my ex to get it back

There are many techniques to recontact your ex. A method remains very effective but if it can seem a bit old-fashioned: the letter. I invite you to consult my article by clicking here “How to write a letter to your ex”.

The second, more current method is email. The advantage of email is that it is faster, that it can be longer (unlimited characters) and therefore more precise. However, it remains much less personalized than the handwritten letter.

Finally the last method that I advise you is to exchange face to face with your ex during a Appointment. Be careful to leave a waiting time between the break and direct contact. You will be able to resume the dialogue quietly so that you can then attract your ex like a magnet.

I attract my ex

The first rule to respect to succeed this bet is tobe happy. To attract your ex and hope to get back together, you have to be positive, enthusiastic and good about yourself. Indeed, it is a matter of mind. Have you ever achieved something by doing the head? No never !

The second solution I suggest to you is to make your ex jealous. Jealousy is one of the major problems of the couple but when you are no longer in a relationship, it becomes an opportunity, a formidable weapon. If you show for example through Facebook that you no longer belong to your ex (by posting photos of you with another man or another woman), you will manage to focus his spirit on you (It is thanks to this that 90% of people return with their ex). Test and wait for your ex to come back.

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My ex is jealous but tells me he has no feelings

Do you miss him but your ex is no longer in love? If your ex tells you that he no longer loves you but is still jealous and possessive towards you, then you have every chance of getting him back! Indeed, this attitude proves that he is really attached to you, and that his feelings only ask to be awakened.

To win it back, only one thing to do: play hard on the sensitive rope! So, do not hesitate to show yourself in the company of handsome young men or beautiful young women, go out as much as possible, multiply the meetings … And arrange for your ex to know! And for that, nothing could be simpler, ask your friends to include allusions concerning your new conquests in their discussions, publish a maximum of photos or ambiguous statuses on social networks, and above all show that you are happy without her him) ! If you know his schedule well, arrange to meet him in his favorite bar or at work, and make sure you are in good company.

Do not hesitate to highlight yourself. If your ex was very possessive during your relationship, if he refused that you wear sexy outfits or that you post glamorous photos on your pages, then this attitude undoubtedly continues to make him jealous! Take care of yourself, go to the gym, have a spa with a friend, renew your dressing room… In short, always be on top! The simple idea that someone else can take advantage of your dream physique will drive him crazy, and he will fall for you!

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My ex doesn’t love me anymore but sleep with me

The breakup is a terrible feeling that pierces both the heart and the soul, it throws you in immense sorrow. However, sometimes it happens to have relationships with your exes that can be sexual, that is to say, sleeping together without any romantic feelings. It will surely put you in a situation of embarrassment and make you ask yourself thousands of questions ” We sleep together but he doesn’t love me anymore, why? “,” how to awaken the feelings of my ex? ” Or ” how to win it back? “. Do not waste time and act to revive your feelings before it becomes your ” sex friend“.

Saying “my ex doesn’t love me anymore but sleeps with me” provokes a contradictory emotion because if he still sleeps with you, it is that he may still have something for you. Being body and soul together is the only idea that possesses you and obsesses you. And that’s what you’re going to play on now to win it back.

Making love should not be an end in itself during your meetings, but, indirectly and with intelligence, you must be able to transform these most intimate moments into unforgettable moments. Over time, your ex will no longer be able to bear the idea of ​​moving away from you and leaving you in the hands of one or the other.

I hope my advice will help you answer your questions and help you make the right decisions for your romantic future.

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